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On top of summer night

  At first meeting, Mey Mey comes off as sheepishly shy but a crack of her mischievous smile and sexy lips reveal a chip in that analysis. She backs the layers and a more carefree demeanor unveils itself displaying a thrillseeker that keeps lovers close. Since her exclusive debut for Indo Studeo first shot two years ago, the hot mommy has been traveling the world while stacking up a portfolio of luxury clients like dyana, Her presence at transparent sexy blouse stands as a testament to the rise of the sexiest mommies, joining a steadily growing list of top summer fashion.

Hola, busty ladies

Hola, busty ladies! Gone are the discriminatory days of being sidelined to the section of neutral-colored bras with minimal design just because of your fuller busts. You may have felt defeated and eventually gave up on your quest for your dreamingly beautiful lacy bras in vibrant colors, but fret not. Inspired by the disappointingly arduous bra-shopping experiences of many women, XIXILI has launched its newest AW2017 Collection, Eerika – a show stopper perfect for everyday wear. This full-coverage bra provides a bit of everything: It comfortably keeps your breasts in place and offers back support as it uplifts, sculpts and slims. The sleek design has a delicate lace texture, which presents a smooth finish underneath your clothes as well. Crafted with a soft feminine all-over lace, Eerika is tailored with highly functional details and designed specifically for women with fuller breasts. Here’s a bra that is both pretty and practical, said a press release from XIXILI . Now, keep calm and embrace your curves. Here’s to a Feel Good Figure for the holiday season glam! 🙂

Priscilla & Peyton to all new & hot mommas

Pregnancy is a magical time for any woman – but it can also be hard too, but that’s okay because XIXILI has got you covered. “We know about the morning sickness, the out-of-nowhere strange cravings, and obviously… a changing body shape which leads to a dramatic wardrobe change as well! We absolutely understand the difficulties in searching for the right bra to support you during you pregnant – and afterwards,” said an XIXILI statement. Hence, XIXILI is delighted to introduce its ALL NEW Nursing Bras Collection –Priscilla & Peyton to all new & hot mommas. Priscilla is exclusively designed to cater to the modern day nursing mommas to provide supreme comfort, support, coverage and ease. This stunner is everything a modern mom needs. With Priscilla’s beauty and the incredible support it provides, how could this be anything but? To all new mommas, trust that Peyton’s have your back throughout maternity! 🌸🌸 Beautifully constructed as a nursing bra, Peyton is anything but basic. Count on Peyton as the collection has every detail designed to support women throughout their amazing maternity …

Exotic, seductive, naughty lingerie

XIXILI Wanderlust Lingerie Fashion Show 2017 blasted the night with its best sexy exotic, seductive, naughty lingerie here at Makespace, Quill City Mall. Sexy hot women from all over the world walked the runway showing off their inner beauty and gorgeous, appealing styles. From a 2017 Spring/ Summer collection inspired by Wanderlust, Come Away with Me theme.

PixXie Xy

“PixXie is the name given by my dad, and I am the 1st child in my family”, said the biotechnology student, 24, from Kuala Lumpur, while introducing herself. Not many people know who`s this Malaysian, pretty, hot model, PixXie, but those who often attend corporate shows such as car launch events would easily recognize her at first glance as she is always there on high heels She started modeling quite late compared to other models, but she can do her most looks. “The reason I started modeling late is that I thought that I was not even close to the beauty standard of today’s society. That`s so humble of her to say, but why does she think so? “I have tan skin, and my eyes are not big and round as other pretty girls,” she replied. However, the past 3 years of modeling experience have thought her something… confidence is the key word to succeed in this most challenging world of modelling industry! ” Finally I found out that `confidence` is the best make-up you can wear …