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Mazda RX-VISION launched

We are pleased to share with you that the Mazda RX-VISION and VISION COUPE concept cars were displayed at the first-ever Mazda ASEAN Design Forum 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 14. Mazda Motor Corporation has held this exclusive event to express the importance of the ASEAN market and their confidence in the region’s economic potential. Apart from the concept cars, on display were; Clay modelling zone KODO Art Zone KODO Art Object Zone Bike and Sofa by KODO CONCEPT Zone Awards Zone At the Forum, Mazda also revealed their 7th Generation design vision which focuses on a “less is more” concept.

On top of summer night

  At first meeting, Mey Mey comes off as sheepishly shy but a crack of her mischievous smile and sexy lips reveal a chip in that analysis. She backs the layers and a more carefree demeanor unveils itself displaying a thrillseeker that keeps lovers close. Since her exclusive debut for Indo Studeo first shot two years ago, the hot mommy has been traveling the world while stacking up a portfolio of luxury clients like dyana, Her presence at transparent sexy blouse stands as a testament to the rise of the sexiest mommies, joining a steadily growing list of top summer fashion.