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Hola, busty ladies

Hola, busty ladies! Gone are the discriminatory days of being sidelined to the section of neutral-colored bras with minimal design just because of your fuller busts. You may have felt defeated and eventually gave up on your quest for your dreamingly beautiful lacy bras in vibrant colors, but fret not. Inspired by the disappointingly arduous bra-shopping experiences of many women, XIXILI has launched its newest AW2017 Collection, Eerika – a show stopper perfect for everyday wear. This full-coverage bra provides a bit of everything: It comfortably keeps your breasts in place and offers back support as it uplifts, sculpts and slims. The sleek design has a delicate lace texture, which presents a smooth finish underneath your clothes as well. Crafted with a soft feminine all-over lace, Eerika is tailored with highly functional details and designed specifically for women with fuller breasts. Here’s a bra that is both pretty and practical, said a press release from XIXILI . Now, keep calm and embrace your curves. Here’s to a Feel Good Figure for the holiday season glam! 🙂

The beautiful has more benefits in life

Beauty matters. Unfair as it may seem. Beauty bias is here to stay. Studies show that people who are more (physically) beautiful, based on beauty standards, have more benefits in life, said Risa Caldoza in an exclusive interview on Your Image Magazine at this morning show. “I believe that beauty is very subjective but there are standards that we can adhere to. Good clear skin, a sunny disposition, a positive outlook – all make one beautiful to me. “If you feel good, you are going to look good and vice versa. Beauty is attainable, you just have to invest time (yes, money) and the discipline to maintain it,” said Risa. For Risa, mother of 3, a dermatologist, and the winner of Mrs. Interantional Global Ambassadress 2017, time management is the key to a less stressful life. Admittedly, she seems to have so many things going on on her plate this year, but knowing her priorities and keeping them straight have always been her goal. “Kids come first, and then medical career, pageantry, and all that it …

Super poses Miss Scuba

“Ohh yea, I got my advance driver license last month,” the hot model, who is also the winner of Miss Scuba Malaysia 2016, PixXie informed YourImage reporter in an exclusive interview. Miss Scuba Malaysia 2016 was her first beauty pageant title. Yea, congrats, Pix!! “It is the greatest experience I`ve ever had, as I love the ocean so much. I got the opportunity to explore and learn a lot more about the conservation of marine ecosystem which I truly passionate about. It’s closely related to what I studied in my degree, B.Sc (Hons) Biotechnology. “It`s so great that I`ve been given the chance to speak for nature and be an ocean ambassador,” she said. Asked about what she is up to, she said, soon in the future, she is going to have a new local Malaysian film. The shooting will start soon- somewhere in the mid of June. The director is trying to introduce a new element to the local film industry – which is female action actor and story. An extreme series of training …

Exotic, seductive, naughty lingerie

XIXILI Wanderlust Lingerie Fashion Show 2017 blasted the night with its best sexy exotic, seductive, naughty lingerie here at Makespace, Quill City Mall. Sexy hot women from all over the world walked the runway showing off their inner beauty and gorgeous, appealing styles. From a 2017 Spring/ Summer collection inspired by Wanderlust, Come Away with Me theme.

Miss USA`17 Sparks Controversy

The newly crowned Miss District of Columbia USA 2017, Kara McCullough, 25, a physical scientist at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, has caught up in controversy when saying that healthcare was a “privilege”, not a right. Asked during Sunday night’s pageant whether healthcare was a privilege or a right, Miss McCullough said: “I’m definitely going to say it’s a privilege.” “As a government employee, I’m granted healthcare and I see first hand that for one to have health care, you need to have jobs,” she added. Many Americans, who believe that healthcare should not be a privilege for only people with jobs, have criticized her on social media. However, McCullough explained on “Good Morning America” Tuesday, that she is privileged to have health care and she does believe that it should be a right,” “I hope and pray moving forward that health care is a right for all worldwide.”

Ducati Smart Service 2017

Next Bike Sdn. Bhd is pleased to announce a new program called the Ducati Smart Service that will benefit new Ducati customers.   This new smart service campaign is designed to bring a whole new Ducati ownership experience to a greater level. This program is in line with Next Bike’s objective which is to provide a more satisfying and premium experience to Ducati owners.   Starting from May 2017, with a new purchase of Ducati motorcycle, customers are eligible for a two (2) year free service parts and lubricants, or up to 30,000 km including DESMO service (whichever comes first), terms and condition applies.   This will automatically lower the cost of ownership and provide greater savings along with the current 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.   This new campaign is expected to boost demand for Ducati motorcycles ahead of the introduction of six (6) new 2017 models namely, Multistrada 950, Monster 797, Supersport and Supersport S, Scrambler Café Racer and Scrambler Desert Sled.   The program is limited to all authorised Ducati dealerships and …

7 ways to be sexy hot

According to psychology today, there are many ways for you to be or look sexy in the eyes of your partner: Be Attractive Looking physically beautiful and gorgeous arouses sex desire. Maintain Eye Contact Looking into the eye will get people to see you not only as confident but sexy. Humor Have a good sense of humor. Work Out Yoga or gym keep you not only in good shape but increase your liveliness. Some sexy lingerie Wear sexy but not tacky strings. Physical beauty increase sex appeal. Don not show too much skin Showing your body does not always translate to sexy. Bootie shorts, skin-tight clothes, insanely low-cut tops all can make you look less sexy. Touch Yourself Masturbate to know what you like when you are with your partner – it increases sex appeal.